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Hi, my name is Dr Michael Sharpless.
Like many surfing enthusiasts, I too travel the world in search of those perfect, uncrowded waves. Those endless glassy walls that are now so rare to get in Australia's crowded beaches. It is amazing how many of the worlds best surfing destinations are located in island countries just off the shores of Australia. Places like Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, Indonesia, PNG. The list is endless.
Unfortunately however, many of these amazing countries possess basic health care that is considered far below the recommended standards in Australia. The consequences of limited medical resources, outdated infrastructure and poor access to medical services has led to poorer health outcomes to many of the local people. .
With this in mind, I decided to create the initiative Surf-Aid, as a way to encourage both medical, and non medical professionals, to provide voluntary aid during their surfing holidays.
Surf-Aid encourages voluntary aid in all its forms - from raising funds, to providing direct donations, to volunteering as a medical professional in a local hospital. Even the smallest contribution can help make a difference to the locals in these countries.



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